Mobile Recording Services

At Grey Noise Entertainment we specialize in capturing high quality audio for our clients. We also use industry skills and techniques to work with you online, as well as at our studio facilities.

In addition, as part of our audio recording services we offer mobile recording. This is typically ideal for situations where you are unable to travel to our facilities.

For instance:

  • Demos, Singles, EP’s, Albums
  • Training Videos /Corporate Video
  • Solo Artists, Bands, Choirs, Orchestras
  • School, Church, Community Groups
  • Rehearsals, Recitals, Performances
  • Gigs, Concerts, Special Events, Stand Up Comedy
  • Auditions, Competitions
  • TV, Radio, Web Ads
  • Voice Overs, and more

In other words, we will provide the necessary equipment to create a convenient studio setup. And above all, capture high quality audio recordings in any space.

mobile recording equipment for audio recording services

First, we will provide an “on-site” mix. Then, we will edit and mix the recordings in our studio facilities. Finally, we will send you the high quality, mixed audio.

After that, we will make any revisions because we want you to be completely satisfied with the outcome. Then, once you are happy with the results we will deliver the master audio files to you in digital format.

Prices will depend on the scale of the job, as well as other requirements which may include:

  • Setup/Take Down of Equipment
  • Length of Event/Session
  • Cost of Travel (depending on your location)
  • Cost of Engineer + Assistants (if needed)

Therefore, contact us today for a consultation and an estimate. As well as any questions you may have.