Grey Noise Entertainment

Grey Noise Entertainment Inc. is a professional recording studio facility located in Meaford, ON that offers audio engineering services, photography/videography/digital media production, AV/security installation services to Grey County and beyond.

Devin Hannam, better known by stage name Hantiks, is a singer/songwriter whose music has been described as “A mix-matched throwback of pop, rock, and raps.” Based out of Meaford, ON, and originated in London, ON, Devin brings together familiar styles of rural and urban culture to create a grungy, yet polished blend of Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Funk, and Pop.

With 2 self-produced albums under his belt, and multiple singles across all major online music platforms Devin has been building upon his skills and formal training through programs such as Fanshawe college’s Music Industry Arts, and Canada’s Music Incubator Artist Entrepreneur program.

In November 2018, Devin founded Grey Noise Entertainment after returning to his hometown of Meaford, ON in order to be involved with the local music scene, and help develop local artists and talent.

Devin Hannam
CEO / Founder

Audio Recording & Mixing Engineer/Producer
Canadian Recording Artist (Hantiks)