Acoustic Panels

We custom make all of our acoustic panel with 100% Canadian materials. In addition, we only use high quality, industry level materials. Some of our suppliers include; Rockwool‘s SAFE’n’SOUND insulation, and Guilford of Maine‘s FR701 acoustic fabric.

Why use acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are the weapons of choice to combat most problems with studio acoustics. However, they’re almost completely ineffective at absorbing the lowest bass frequencies. Acoustic panels should be used as a complimentary tool in conjunction with bass traps.

Because acoustic panels are thinner and utilize more surface area with less material. They can provide greater wall coverage for a lower cost. They are also far more versatile in fine-tuning your studio as they can be hung or stood almost anywhere. Acoustic panels kill any standing waves that can occur between opposite wall surfaces. Bass traps can’t accomplish this on their own as they are located in the corners of the room.